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More and more companies are discovering the benefits of organising events and meetings online, both 100% online and the hybrid form (mix of online and offline). It allows them to reach an even wider audience. There are many solutions out there, but which one is right for you and fits your budget?

We offer various solutions to organise your virtual meetings with simultaneous translation: Zoom, VoiceBoxer, Kudo, Interprefy, Interactio and QuaQua.

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Say, you are organising a conference, seminar, meeting or factory visit for a multilingual audience. Want to ensure that all participants can understand each other and that they can speak in their own language? Then you’ll want to use interpreters who can provide simultaneous translation.

There are a number of different solutions available, but which one is right for you? How many interpreters and which material and resources do you need?


We offer the most common language combinations:

English / French / Dutch / German / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese

Also less obvious languages are no problem: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Slovak and Swedish.

  • We only work with professional conference interpreters in Belgium and abroad.
  • We avoid unnecessary travel by working with local interpreters.
  • We only use interpreters with experience in your industry.
  • Technical equipment + support that fits your particular assignment: interpreter booth/briefcase, headsets, microphones, sound amplification, interactive voting system, etc.
  • We provide free advice and will always try to find a solution that fits your budget.
  • Each assignment is handled in the strictest of confidence  in accordance with the deontological code of interpreters.


Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation

BRGCS Global Food Safety Standard certification


Audits (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG)

General assemblies

Press conferences

Quarterly meetings


Business meetings

Software training (ERP)

Technical meetings

Townhall meetings


Factory visits

Townhall meetings

Technical trainings for claims experts


Clinical trial audits

Public Health Commissions

Healthcare conferences

FDA inspections


Inter-regional cooperations


Technical meetings


Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work


Meetings with prevention advisor


Climate conferences

Field visits

Inter-regional cooperation workgroups


Attorney-client consultations

Contract negotiations

Court sessions

General Assemblies


CBA and wage negotiations

European Works Councils (EWC)

Trade union meetings


Accreditation and certification

Mock negotiation workshops

FDA inspections

Town hall meetings


Audits and inspections

Operator training courses

Site visits



You are organising an international conference with speakers who speak Dutch, French and English. Not all attendees understand these three languages, but you do want everyone to be able to follow the speakers and their presentations in their native language. You also want participants to be able to ask the speakers questions in their own language afterwards.

So what do you need in this case?

  • 2 interpreters Dutch – French and Dutch – English with experience in your sector
  • 2 interpreter cabins (1 per language combination), headsets for the audience, microphones for the speakers
  • sound amplification and technical support

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A pharmaceutical company wants to introduce a new drug on the Brazilian market, but requires permission from the Brazilian health authorities. A team of Brazilian auditors comes to your company to assess a number of processes and talk to your employees.

So what do you need in this case?

  • An interpreter Dutch – Portuguese (Brazilian)  who is able to interpret both simultaneously and consecutively,
  • who has experience with audits in the pharmaceutical industry,
  • who can verbally translate documents at the request of the auditors.

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A new piece of equipment made by a German manufacturer is taken into production in your factory. The supplier sends a technician to train your employees. However, the production workers don’t understand German and would like to be able to ask questions in their native language.

So what do you need in this case?

  • A simultaneous interpreter NL <> DE with experience in the industry and solid technical background knowledge.
  • a mobile interpreting system suitable for a noisy manufacturing environment. (see image)

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When you come into contact with government services in Flanders, you are expected to speak Dutch. But for you, that may not actually be a matter of course. If you feel that you cannot express yourself sufficiently in Dutch to handle administrative matters, it is time to call on a sworn interpreter.

A few examples:

  • Driving test: increase your chances of passing by using a sworn interpreter during the practical and/or theoretical driving test (SBAT).
  • Wedding: get assistance from a sworn interpreter when you get married at the Registry Office of your municipality.
  • Court/lawyer: if you wish to file a request before the court and appear as a claimant, or if you would like to be able to talk to your lawyer in your native language.

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Do you have a specific job that does not fall into the aforementioned categories? We can probably help you anyway!

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Portfolio examples


One of our clients in the pharmaceutical sector organized a large international conference in Amsterdam. We successfully provided simultaneous translation into 7 languages and also took care of the audio and video technology during the plenary meeting and the break-out sessions.

– Number of participants: more than 500
– 7 languages spoken: French, Russian, Italian, Turkish, German, Spanish, English
– 10 interpreting booths in different rooms.
– Wireless hand-held microphones and tie-pin microphones for the speakers.
– Headsets for the participants, sound system and amplification.
– Video link between the interpreting booths and different halls and rooms.


A successful Belgian family business was looking for a solution to further professionalize its annual international sales meetings.

A bilingual employee used to facilitate translation between the Dutch and French speaking participants and speakers. However, with the expansion of the company’s activities to the UK, a third language now had to be covered. It became impossible for the employee to interpret into three languages.

The company was therefore looking for a professional solution and contacted us to provide simultaneous translation for all participants. After the event the client congratulated the interpreters for the excellent quality of their translation.

> Number of participants: 90
> Languages: English, French, Dutch
> 2 interpreting booths
> Wireless hand-held microphones and tie-pin microphones for the speakers.
> Headsets for the participants, sound system and amplification.

Helping you reach a wider audience by breaking through the language barrier.

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